A Few Essential Factors to Keep in Mind to Enjoy Your Stay in Villa Kandui


You always deserve a momentous and luxurious surfing trip in Villa Kandui. Enjoy that Spartan experience as well so you get contentment and fulfilment after. This will give you a surfing experience you will never forget in a lifetime. The impressive waves every day will also add up as a bonus point. Moreover, the waves are truly world-class providing something unforgettable.

Below are a few essential factors to keep in mind so you enjoy your stay in Villa Kandui.

Look for the Nicest place

You will need to settle in a good room in Villa Kandui. You could opt for a private bungalow which is very unique and impressive to each other. There’s also a sweeter deal to find other than the luxury resort amenities. There are a resort bar and a spa you will enjoy while you’re not in the water.

Look for an Organic Vegetable Garden

You have to settle in Villa Kandui and a room near a vegetable garden. This is part of the deal and should be a good deal. It must be an eco-friendly resort that you should live in. You would want to get the food in the vegetable garden. You better search for the garden around the villa in Kandui.

Look for a Luxury Speedboat

You will need to transport from one island to another. So, you must have access to a speed boat so you get transported from the Padang and the Kandui villas. This is one way to enjoy as you cruise in the 90-mile channel that’s a brilliant and absolute style. You will also score for the best waves possible upon choosing Villa Kandui.

Try to Check the World-Class Kandui Villa

You must settle with the world-class and awesome Kandui villa. This is something you can share with your friends after you settle with this one. You will then be convinced to go to the Mentawais. Score and then, do it the entire year. This is going to be worth your effort and time to begin with.

Unwind in the Luxurious Accommodations

Utmost comfort is as promised by unwinding in the luxurious accommodations. The villa Kandui will offer luxurious accommodations that blend well with the surroundings. You should opt for spacious and beautiful villas and all other modern amenities. This is going to be a relaxing and convenient stay then. A serene haven is also as offered as crafted by the villa for the surfers. Thus, you will be recharged in your energy that you get ready for the coming adventures.

Be Sure of the Impeccable Service and the Warm Hospitality

Be sure to ask the management team about the exceptional service and warm hospitality. There must be passionate staff members meeting your expectations. The genuine smiles and attentive care must also be forwarded to you. They should help you with your requests. And, your needs must be met perfectly.

Look for Fresh Gourmet Meals

Your stay will never be complete without seeing to it there are fresh gourmet meals. These must be offered by the personal chefs around. The breakfasts must also be made to order daily. The trips must be scheduled from large groups to individuals all year round. You can never be wrong with choosing villa Kandui.

Be Sure Amenities Are Provided

In the villa Kandui, be sure you see around a bar or a pub. There must likewise be a fitness center, outdoor pool, games room, restaurant, safety deposit boxes, and water sports.

Look for a Villa Near the Restaurant

There’s a restaurant to find next to a swimming pool. It should likewise be near to your villa or room. It should easily lead you to a bar, palapa, and game room. Remember that good food is essential to a surfer like you since you’re going to burn calories under the scorching sun and in perfect waves.

The menu in the Villa Kandui must also feature seafood that is caught by the guests and villagers. This also includes the variety of Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, American, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisine. There must also be barbecues to popularly be served in Villa Kandui. All protein-enriched foods must be served with their grown vegetables from the property’s massive greenhouse.

Ask About the Shower and Bathroom Facilities

In the Villa Kandui, ensure to ask about the shower and bathroom facilities to be clean and very comfortable. The stone floors must be laid out properly by the craftsmen. The villas must best be configured with 2 king-sized, 3 king-sized, and 2 double beds that’s why they are versatile with room for one to four people. These should be suited for couples, singles, families, and groups of friends.

Inquire as Well of the Spa

Your stay in the villa Kandui will also be worth remembering if you try to ask about the spa. There must be a conventional therapeutic message relaxing and soothing away your sore muscles from surf, travel, and stress every day. Their massage oil used should be homemade and special in coconut oil. It must also be pressed and shredded lovingly by the Indonesian staff. The massage oil will give out its medicinal effects since it is made up of medicinal properties for the hair and the skin.

Look for a Nanny Service

You deserve a break from attending to your kids. Then, the nannies must be available upon request. You should easily arrange quality nannies so you enjoy more of your quality time with your significant other or spouse.

So, keep these factors in mind so you get to enjoy more of your stay in Villa Kandui. You will appreciate much of it being a luxury surfing resort. Look forward to the best waves possible in the world while you enjoy a high-standard holiday. Get treated like a princess and royalty with your family and wife. Indulge in the amazing services and the extravagant amenities. You will enjoy the best and most luxurious experience in Villa Kandui!

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