Best Restaurantes Mexicanos in Mexico City

Best Restaurantes Mexicanos in Mexico City

Mexican cuisine has overtaken the culinary world in the past few years. The ’50 Best’ list has recognized the best restaurants across Latinoamerica. One of the best Restaurantes Mexicanos in Mexico is El Tigre. It serves contemporary Mexican dishes with sustainable ingredients. It also offers a range of sustainable products to complement the cuisine.

El Cardenal Restaurantes Mexicanos

El Cardenal Restaurantes Mexicanos is a popular chain in Mexico City serving classic Mexican cuisine. Its menu includes everything from quesadillas to enchiladas. It is also known for its ambiance and affordable prices. You will be treated to various beverages, including cordial, wine, and beer, during your meal. The service at El Cardenal is also excellent.

El Cardenal’s original location on Moneda street was a small Fonda serving traditional dishes to workers. The menu featured a variety of classic dishes from the owners’ home regions. El Cardenal’s owners grew up working at the Restaurantes Mexicanos, so many of the recipes are family favorites.

El Mural de los Poblanos Restaurantes Mexicanos

The decor includes tiled floors, arches, and colorful murals. This Restaurantes Mexicanos is a favorite among locals. You can feel history and culture while eating here.

The restaurant is located in the historic center of Puebla. Its chefs preserve the traditional Mexican gastronomy while enhancing it with modern touches. It features murals by Antonio Alvarez Moran, a Poblano artist who has been giving solo exhibitions in Mexico since 1975. This Restaurantes Mexicanos focuses on regional ingredients and is open all year round.


Pujol Restaurantes Mexicanos is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Mexico City. It has been voted the best Mexican restaurant in Mexico City by the Wall Street Journal. Its unique and delicious dishes will have you coming back for more. The Restaurantes Mexicanos is located in the historic Centro Historico.

The cuisine is based on traditional Mexican ingredients. The dishes are complemented by music and decor. The food is a unique combination of standard Mexican fare and modern cuisine. The restaurant was named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 1 PM to 9:30 PM. Pujol offers two tasting menus, each of which has seven dishes.

Salon Rios Restaurantes Mexicanos

Salon Rios is a fusion of Restaurantes Mexicanos of traditional Mexican cantina culture and contemporary design. The restaurant features brass accents and a layered shelving unit for liquor. This menu contains classic comfort food, including shrimp tacos and carnitas. Guests can wash down their meals with a classic martini or straight shot. The service is friendly, and the prices are reasonable.

The restaurant’s owners, who also own Bar Henry, opened a second location in Queens. The restaurant specializes in regional dishes from Restaurantes Mexicanos. Cosme and Luis Aguilar pay tribute to their late mother by serving traditional dishes like cochin to chipaneco, which is guajillo-marinated baby pork ribs. The exterior is painted white, and the patio overlooks a garden.

Las 9 Esquinas

The ambiance of Las Nueve Esquinas in Restaurantes Mexicanos is warm and welcoming, and the staff is amicable. The prices are reasonable, and the service is top-notch. The food is prepared without microwaves or canned goods, so all nutrition is retained. The restaurant has a homey decor that adds to the atmosphere. Google users have given Restaurantes Mexicanos a high rating, so it must be an excellent place to eat!

The Restaurantes Mexicanos has a charming decor decorated with Mexican art, flowers, and cacti. The ambiance makes it a perfect place for date nights or family dinners. Traditional Mexican fare is available here, including shrimp in spicy tomato sauce and pozole. This restaurant also serves delicious flans and a selection of wines.


If you’re looking for a good meal in a friendly setting, Edith’s Restaurantes Mexicanos is an excellent choice. Its cozy environment is adorned with candlelight and hanging lights, and the tables are covered in colorful cloths. The walls feature vibrant paintings by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Bushes and trees shade the dining area. The attentive wait staff makes the dining experience pleasant for those who might be apprehensive about Mexican cuisine.

Edith’s Restaurantes Mexicanos has been one of Cabo’s best restaurants for nearly three decades. Location on the beach, it offers views of Medano Bay and is known for its fresh seafood. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating and has colorful tablecloths and decorative lighting.

Los Tres Gallos Restaurantes Mexicanos

Los Tres Gallos Restaurantes Mexicanos is a buzzy spot with a vast terrace illuminated at night. Classic Mexican food is served here, along with a range of cocktails. It’s a great place to meet friends and celebrate special occasions. However, the food isn’t the only draw.

Guests can enjoy a variety of menu options, including plated dinners and buffet-style taco bars. The service here is excellent, and the staff is amiable. The prices are affordable, and the food is of good quality.

Top Restaurantes Mexicanos in New York

When you’re in Mexico, you’ll want to make sure you visit one of the many great restaurants Mexicanos. It would help if you started at the Taqueria Sinaloense, which is probably the best known. You can also try La Contenta, Casa Vega, or Orinoco. These restaurants are listed in Travel Guides.

Taqueria Sinaloense

Taqueria Sinaloense is a new Restaurantes Mexicanos that draws its inspiration from the flavors of Sinaloa, a coastal state in the northwest. While most of New York City’s Mexican restaurants offer food from Restaurantes Mexicanos, this restaurant focuses on the flavors of northern Mexico. Its menu includes various tacos, including chorizo and shrimp tacos, which are deep-fried in olive oil and served with fresh vegetables.

The signage outside this counter-service taqueria boasts that it serves some of the best Mexican food in town. Its menu features many dishes, including tacos al pastor, which are juicy and laced with rich adobo flavor. The tacos are also topped with fresh salsa verde, which makes them very tasty. Specialty items are also available on the weekends, such as Menudo and birria, which are made from mild gamey meat.

Casa Vega

Casa Vega is a popular Los Angeles Restaurantes Mexicanos with a long history. Founded by Rafael “Ray” Vega in 1956, the restaurant has become a local institution. The restaurant’s famous menu features fried masa dough, pinto beans, cheese, and signature cream. The restaurant has been featured in numerous Hollywood films and is a popular destination for tourists. Christy Vega, who runs the restaurant, attributes the success of Casa Vega to the family’s passion for authentic Restaurantes Mexicanos cuisine.

The restaurant’s owners are third-generation restaurateurs, and Christina Vega, who took over the restaurant after Ray passed away in January, has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry. She studied hospitality and business before going into the restaurant business full-time.

La Contenta

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food in New York, La Contenta Restaurantes Mexicanos is a must-try. This Lower East Side restaurant serves a wide variety of Mexican favorites. The small dining room has just 14 seats, but they’re packed most nights. The restaurant is also known for its delicious guacamole and pork belly tostada. It also has some of the city’s best fish tacos. A neighborhood hangout, La Contenta’s staff, knows customers by name and treats them like family.

If you’re craving authentic Mexican food in New York City, head to La Contenta in East Harlem. It specializes in traditional Restaurantes Mexicanos fare. The menu includes dishes like pozole, huaraches, and birria. The latter is a thick soup that’s usually served with warm tortillas. The broth, known as birria, is made with lamb and goat and is topped with finely chopped onions and cilantro. The dish is also loaded with carrots and tiny chickpeas.


If you love mezcal and are looking for authentic Restaurantes Mexicanos, Orinoco is a perfect choice. The staff at this Mexican restaurant is friendly, and the food is delicious. The tacos are excellent every time, and the prices are fair. Located near Restaurantes Mexicanos, Orinoco is easy to find.

This menu is extensive and offers several options for dining. We have a restaurant specializing in tacos, including tacos al pastor, Regiomontanus tacos, and pork tacos. That restaurant also offers five housemade salsas and smashed-fried potatoes.

Blanco Colima

Blanco Colima is a restaurant that fuses traditional Mexican and Spanish cuisine into a contemporary, upscale dining experience. Located in the Restaurantes Mexicanos, the restaurant is a place for culture and good food. The restaurant’s interior features mosaics, black and white tiles, and stained glass. It also features a contemporary art gallery, screenings, and live performances.

The restaurant also has a roofed courtyard that serves as a bar. The black furnishings contrast against the white walls, while geometric figures decorate the roof. Lounge chairs allow guests to take in the view while sipping signature cocktails. Guests can also choose from the bar’s tapas menu. Among the best dishes are the roasted artichokes seasoned with white wine.

Cafe Nin

Cafe Nin is a well-known Mexican restaurant with a unique and varied menu. This restaurant focuses on local, fresh ingredients to create dishes that celebrate Mexican culinary traditions. Customers can choose from dishes such as perfectly cooked egg rolls and monkfish. They can also order fruits and juices. The restaurant’s friendly staff and beautiful decor make it an ideal spot to enjoy a meal. Google has given the restaurant a 4.6-star rating, a testament to its quality.

While this isn’t an official list of the best Mexican restaurants, it is an excellent place to start your search. The diversity of restaurants in the city means a fantastic restaurant is sure to be for you. Options are abundant, but it’s worth taking the time to look into each one individually. You’ll be able to find out what makes a restaurant stand out among the crowd.

Mexican Restaurantes Mexicanos Near Me

If you are looking for restaurants serving authentic Mexican food, you’ve come to the right place. Austin, Texas, is home to five Mexican restaurants. Try them out to experience the original flavor of Restaurantes Mexicanos. You’ll find that they serve authentic Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tacos, and more.

Tacos Matamoros

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food near you, there are several options. El Gallo Azteca is an old corner taqueria with three tables and a few counter-seats. It has been serving tacos to Staten Islanders for years. In addition to tacos, this taqueria offers a variety of other items like quesadillas and Pueblan cemitas. El Gallo is also well known for its hot dog torta.

El Rancho del Sol is the place for you if you’re looking for upscale Restaurantes Mexicanos cuisine. This restaurant features a chef who uses ingredients from the area to prepare various mouthwatering dishes. Whether you want a delicious breakfast burrito or a tasty dinner, this taqueria is worth checking out.


If you’re a lover of Restaurantes Mexicanos cuisine, there are several excellent restaurants in the Austin, Texas, area. El Rancho Tex-Mex Café is a perfect example. It is a modern Tex-Mex restaurant with upscale service and delicious food.

This restaurant specializes in dishes from Sinaloa, a coastal state in northwest Mexico. Opened in Marble Hill in 2018, sisters Ana and Brenda Castellanos own this eatery. Tacos are a staple here, and they’re topped with pork sauce, fresh chiles, or shrimp. The menu features a wide range of taco options, including the signature Gobernador taco with shrimp and chorizo.

Ruta Oaxaca

If you’re looking for authentic Restaurantes Mexicanos, you’ve come to the right place. Try homestyle Mexican cooking, Mexican beer, and cocktails. You’ll love the unique flavor combinations. And the staff will make sure you get the best possible service!

This restaurant specializes in traditional southern Restaurantes Mexicanos. The Arellanos brothers, proud to say they grew up in Oaxaca, prepare their meals using traditional recipes. Many of their words include complex chili-based sauces called moles. Try the haunting mole negro, served with chicken bunuelos and queso fresco. The restaurant also serves grilled New York strip loin steak with taupe coloradito.


If you’re looking for an authentic Restaurantes Mexicanos near you, look no further. Chavela’s is perfect for those looking to enjoy authentic Mexican fare and an excellent selection of tequilas and margaritas. They also serve specialty cocktails.

Chavela’s has been around since 2007, when Chef Arturo Leonard moved to New York to work in restaurants. He developed his culinary skills and found that he enjoyed cooking. In 2011, he moved his restaurant to its present location. This trendy eatery boasts an outdoor patio and an open bar. The decor is vibrant, with a colorful ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows. Regardless of the season, you’ll be sure to enjoy the atmosphere at Chavela’s.


For Mexican food lovers, Colonie offers a variety of choices. You can dine on traditional Restaurantes Mexicanos fare prepared with fresh ingredients, including meat and fish. These delicious dishes come with a side of sour cream or guacamole. Whether you’re hungry for authentic Mexican food or want to try something new, these restaurants have something for you.

Taqueria de La Esquina

Taqueria de La Esquina is not your typical corner deli. This modern Mexican eatery is a street-level taqueria with a takeout window. It serves a variety of tasty Mexican fare from rotisserie pulled chicken to spicy avocado salsa to sliced rib-eye with crispy cheese.

Located in the heart of Nolita, La Esquina offers an upscale version of Mexican food. In the past, this was a popular place to eat and meet celebrities and other socialites. This restaurant was a precursor to the fad-like party Restaurantes Mexicanos of the Meatpacking District. However, today, it is a much more popular spot for those looking for an authentic Mexican meal.

Park Slope taqueria Restaurantes Mexicanos

For a taste of traditional Restaurantes Mexicanos cuisine, head to the neighborhood’s taquerias. Some are quaint and traditional, and others are contemporary. Here, you’ll find everything from delicious tacos to tequila flights.

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos Restaurantes Mexicanos is a great place to grab a taco for only $2.50. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. You can also order from the full menu.

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